Friday, February 04, 2005

Why Bits of Brain?

Because sometimes I feel like writing things that don't makes sense, or if they do, it's in a manner that makes your brain ache, perhaps even spasm, and quite often brain cells will slough off, much like dead skin or dandruff, from the sheer cataclysmic force of one thought or another shattering the sub-atomic cohesion of the cellular bonds.

So, as these random bits of cerebral flatulence rattle around my cranial cavity, calving off chunks and bits of cortical tissue which eventually find their way down my arms and into my fingertips like sperm traveling through a fallopian tube, the tattered bits of brain will settle here in this blog, like dust bunnies under a bed, or bits of popcorn under a movie seat. Or the little desicated chunks of bread that collect under the toaster. Or whatever the hell that stuff is that falls out when you turn your computer keyboard upside and shake it out. Thats it! Yes! Thats it! The random accumulation of deterius from weeks of snacking that lie dormant and undiscovered inside the workings of a keyboard until some equally random event dislodges them and they sift and drift down into a strangely unappetizing collage on your desktop, a smorgasboard of crumbs, cerebral or otherwise.

That is what this blog is all about. An incautious exhumation of things better left buried. A disinterment of mouldering, putrescent grandiloquence, roused from whatever deep catacomb of thought by a morbid curiousity and whimsical disregard for the careful restraints of sanity.